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The beginning

Eighteen years ago, a lightweight rifle was, by definition, only a rework of an existing factory rifle. Modification, of necessity, would be extensive, expensive, and extremely time consuming. Unfortunately, after all the investment of time and money, the resulting rifle would usually weigh more than seven pounds even before the scope and mounts were added. Hardly a lightweight by any standard!

For Melvin Forbes, a young West Virginia master gunsmith, to strip a factory action, turn down the barrel and call the results a lightweight rifle was not sufficient. There should be more and better options for building a truly lightweight, uncompromising hunting rifle.

The vision was a 5 1/4 pound rifle. Adding the proper scope and mounts would allow a total weight of just under 6 pounds and become a monumental achievement in the outdoor world.

But, for the vision to really live, just being lightweight was hardly adequate. The rifle must also be super accurate, rugged, reliable, and still possess classically beautiful styling. It had to deliver ultimate performance while remaining wonderfully balanced for comfort during carrying and shooting. Afield, the design should be ultimately practical anywhere, from mountain top to desert floor. This was a tall order to be sure!

The archetype for this revolutionary firearm was conceived by Melvin Forbes after long consultation with hunting friends, precision shooters and accuracy experts. With countless hours of defining and re-defining the requirements demanded by the shooting world behind him, Melvin's sketches finally became engineering drawings. From the drawings, the first ultra light Action was machined from bar stock. And, as history was made, a legend was born: the Ultimate Mountain Rifle!

Since then, over five thousand ultra Light rifles have prowled the game fields of the world in the hands of dedicated hunters. From Melvin Forbes' vision arose the first lightweight rifle that truly delivers on its promise: ultra light weight, extreme accuracy, absolute reliability, and perfect balance. Today, the hunting world depends on that promise and demands the quality of ultimate Rifles from Ultra Light Arms!

The Customer

The Ultra Light series of rifles were created for all of you who demand the ultimate in performance from your equipment and yourselves. Whether hunting in the remote regions of the world or developing loads from the bench, you want to know absolutely that your equipment is up to the standards you set for accuracy and dependability. If you will accept only the best from yourself, then you must demand only the best from your equipment.

That is why ultra Light Arms, in every sense, custom builds your Ultimate Rifle just for you. You can choose from four different right or left handed actions, and specify almost any caliber in the world. You pick from benchrest quality triggers, set up your specification. You decide upon your ideal Douglas premium Grade barrel, as to length, contour, chrome-moly or stainless steel. The stock will be built for you in your specified length of pull and your choice of virtually any color you decide, including a variety of camouflage patterns!

Each rifle is delivered in a sturdy hard case and has Ultra light Arms exclusive scope mounts in place ready for your scope. If you wish, we will optionally equip your rifle with practically any riflescope available on the market today, sight it in and supply you with the target.

When you first heft your new Ultimate Rifle, you will experience an incredibly light weight...but also perfect balance! Then as you chamber a round, you will experience a precision action, and a smoothness never thought possible. As you fire that first group, the unprecedented accuracy will deliver satisfaction and confidence as you know you now own the best. Finally, the ultimate Rifle has classically beautiful lines, superb craftsmanship, and a wonderful integrity of design, all of which earns you rightful pride. The ultimate hunting rifle is truly the ultimate hunting tool and it was built just for you!

The Rifles

Ultra Light Arms' rifles are available in four basic actions and .22 rimfire. (A total of seven variations of actions are available upon request to match practically any cartridge size available.) Each rifle is available in right hand or left hand variations. Every lightweight and accurate Ultimate Rifle is backed with a no-nonsense guarantee - you must be satisfied or your money is refunded (within 30 days of shipping).

The Action

When development began on an extremely lightweight hunting rifle, the action was at the heart of the challenge. Designing an action that was stiff enough to maintain exceptional accuracy while paring off every possible ounce was a thorny problem.

Beginning with Melvin Forbes' innovative action design, the ultimate rifle is first a bar of 4140 heat treated, stress relieved ordinance steel. Drilling into the solid steel, tolerances between the interior diameter and outside diameter of the action are held to within .0002 (two ten thousandths) of an inch. This is hw optimum strength and stiffness are achieved in the action to meet the basic requirement for outstanding accuracy.

Continuing the pursuit of accuracy, the bolt is machined to the same intense specification. Heat treated ordnance steel is true center lathe turned and then ground to the same tolerance of .0002 (two ten thousandths) of an inch. The bolt will now mate precisely with the drilled action.

The engagement faces of the locking lugs and barrel threads are absolutely concentric with the interior and exterior of the action.

Then, careful hand lapping will insure a full 100% engagement of both lugs, precisely. The finished bolt now travels smoothly within the exceptionally tight tolerances of the action and locks up with bank vault security.

All these operations are difficult, certainly. But only the most strict attention to alignment perfection will ensure the exactness necessary to produce the lightest, strongest action and enable phenomenal accuracy to occur. Ultra Light Arms is dedicated to producing only ultimate hunting rifles, and commitment to precision is guaranteed!

The Barrel

While virtually any barrel available may be specified, Douglas premium Grade barrels are featured and recommended for Ultimate rifles.

Why? Ultra light Arms discovered during the experience of building thousands of rifles that Douglas barrels are manufactured to extremely precise tolerances. Douglas produces barrel blanks that are absolutely straight, and always bored to true center. Accuracy enhancing button rifling is engraved with excruciating precision. These barrels shoot straight and, more importantly stay straight, shot after shot.

Proper stress relief insures that shots don't wander as the barrel heats up. Accuracy should last longer than just the first few shots, and the Ultimate Rifle can be fired as often and as quickly as desired with confidence. Because, whether shooting fast or shooting slowly, the bullets are tracking to the same point of aim!

The Stock

To complete the ultimate lightweight rifle, a stock of appropriate design was required to provide strength and heighten accuracy potential. Unfortunately, there are no manufacturers building a stock that could perform to specifications. Refusing to compromise, Melvin Forbes designed a new stock, in the classic pattern, that features super strength and also minimizes recoil. To control quality, Ultra light Arms builds each stock for each Ultimate Rifle.

For stock construction, instead of the usual fiberglass cloth, a three times stronger and lighter Kevlar/graphite composite cloth was specified. The entire stock is built from Kevlar/graphite, and in finished form, weighs only about one pound. It won't swell, warp or shrink, and is absolutely stable under extreme moisture and temperature conditions.

The recoil area and sling swivel studs are integrally cast in place during manufacture so as not to weaken the stock with any cuts. Next, each stock is individually hand bedded to the action and barrel guaranteeing the finest accuracy possible. Finally, the classic stock is finished to a specified length of pull with the recoil pad in place, and painted to the custom selected color.

The Trigger

In order for the Ultimate Rifle to shoot to its full potential, a trigger is built with the same attention to detail that went into the manufacture of the rifle is necessary.

Provided at no additional cost in each ultimate Rifle is the Timney Trigger. World renowned for a crisp, light and reliable release, each Timney trigger is adjusted to break ice clean for top accuracy when shooting in the field.

For varmint rifles, or target shooting, the premium Jewell Trigger is offered as an option. This trigger is finely adjustable for an extremely light release, and is an important contribution to absolute accuracy from the bench or in the varmint fields.

In conjunction with the trigger you select, the unique patented Ultra light Arms two-position, three-function safety provides maximum security for you in the field or the range. This mechanism allows the bolt to be opened or locked, with the sear always blocked, while the safety is in the Safe or No Fire position.

The Ultra Light Arms Quality Commitment

The Ultra Light Arms story is one of hard work, design genius, fanatical attention to detail and finally, satisfaction. Satisfaction in the payoff that uncompromising commitment to quality has produced the true ultimate lightweight rifle.

A unique rifle that is an absolute joy to carry up the mountain. So much so that one literally forgets it is there until it is needed. A dream rifle that balances on the front guard screw, so the weight is between the hands, and so it handles with wondrous ease. Then, when the rifle is needed, the unusual stiffness of the action, strength and rigidity of the stock, and hand bedding all work together to produce outstanding accuracy.

Beautiful, tough and accurate, Ultra Light Arms' Ultimate Rifles are the choice of dedicated hunters around the world. And, small wonder, as Ultimate Rifles are so exacting they will shoot different weight bullets within calibers to the same relative point of aim. Combine these quality features in a six pound rifle and carry it to the top of the world. Experience how easy it is to get there with an Ultra Light Arms Ultimate Rifle!

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